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Kevin’s philosophy is to teach the individual, remembering to work within that golfer’s own unique swing, within acceptable parameters that allow the student to be themselves, creative, and maximize their talent. 


Kevin has recognized the importance of science and technology in teaching golf, and much of his success is attributable to keeping current with studies and technology. Integrating technology within Kevin’s instruction philosophy has sped up the learning process for his students as they find feels and solidity movements easier. 


Kevin’s belief is that everyone moves differently and that tailoring instruction to a student’s body motion capabilities was integral to developing an effective improvement plan. Kevin’s belief was reinforced in 2014 when he learned about the BioSwing evaluation from Hall of fame instructor Mike Adams and Top 100 teacher EA Tischler. 


Kevin conducts an evaluation at the beginning of every lesson with all new clients to understand how these students are “designed” to move and compare it to how they are currently moving. The evaluations provide a blueprint for how a person should move. Introducing the Bio swing evaluation into Kevin’s teaching has been revolutionary and allowed students to become more comfortable with technique adjustments. 


Over the years, Kevin has analyzed in detail the short and long games of elite LPGA, PGA, Korn Ferry, and Long Drive champions. None of which have the club travel the same way, yet Kevin found their body motions strikingly similar. 


Having studied these players, Kevin seeks to simplify these motions. As a teacher, Kevin keeps in mind the different swings of great players like Miller Barber or Jim Furyk and avoids teaching a cookie-cutter swing. 


No matter the level, Kevin teaches each student to acquire the confidence that they will get better. Although Kevin teaches each student level differently, the underlying concept that the club and body must move within acceptable parameters remains constant.

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