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Kevin Sprecher

PGA Golf Instructor

Kevin is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America and is listed on the Golf Digest Best Teachers in New York list for 2022. Kevin's career arc has further advanced the reputation of world-class instruction at Sleepy Hollow Country Club. Kevin has been based out of New York for over twenty years, following his role as Master Lead Instructor at the Jim Mclean Golf School in Doral Miami. Kevin has a track record of developing elite junior players and college golfers and has helped many students play collegiate golf at schools such as Florida State University, Williams College, and the University of Virginia, among many more. Kevin is passionate about growing the game of golf, and alongside elite competitive golfers, Kevin also works with beginners and intermediate players to help improve their game!

Over the years, Kevin has built up a strong network of golf coaches and has been fortunate enough to be mentored by one of the game's leading instructors, world hall of fame teacher Jim Mclean. Jim has played a pivotal role in developing Kevin's career as an instructor, and they remain close friends to this day. Kevin has also developed relationships with other influential figures in the golf world, such as Mike Adams, Dave Phillips, Dr. Greg Rose, and Dr. Bob Rotella. Kevin works with various specialists in the industry to help his players reach their full potential; notable mentions; Kevin Kirk, Tony Ruggiero, Iain Highfield, David Angelotti, Dr. Bhrett McCabe, Dr. Rob Neal, Mark Sweeney, and Dr. Craig Farnsworth have all directly worked with Kevin and his students.


Kevin is regularly featured in publications such as Golf Digest, GOLF Magazine, and the Met Golfer Magazine. Kevin is also actively involved in the Met PGA Hope program, where he can share his golf knowledge and friendship with the military veterans participating in the program.

Education & Certifications:

  • Aimpoint Level (Level 1)

  • Trackman (Level 2)

  • K-Vest (Level 3)

  • SAM PuttLab (Level 2)

  • BioSwing Dynamics (Level 1)

  • Swing Catalyst (Level 2)

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